Beauty Treatments - price list

Facial & Body Treatment - price list

Face & Body Treatments Price Length
Face Glacial Marine Mud - Masque Peel

A simple and natural way to softer, smoother toned skin. Revitalising clay mask with sea botanical draws out dirt and impurities from the skin. Contains extremely fine mud particles and leaves skin feeling fresh, renewed and healthy-looking. Suitable for all skin types.

£20 30 min.
Express Facial

Cleanse, ex-foliation, massage and application of moisturiser to leave the skin feeling really cleansed and fresh. For all skin types.

£25 30 min.
Fast Microdermabrasion - Polishing Peel Skin Refinisher

Microdermabrasion is becoming one of the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedures available. It’s an alternative to professional treatments - features Pumpkin Enzymes to resurface, soften and polish the skin and Bentonite Clay to remove dull skin cells and toxins.

£25 35 min.
Black Face Masque £30 45 min.
Kansa Wand - Face Masque

The Kansa Wand Face Massage reduces stress and provides a gentle face-lifting therapy. Other benefits of Kansa Wand Face Massage: Revitalizes face, shoulder, and neck muscles. Gently lifts facial skin. Reduces face pain, head pain and tension. Reduces acidity. Detoxifying. Unifies body, mind and spirit

£33 40 min.
Fast Face Lift

A face lift tightens the skin around the jawline and generally create a younger, rejuvenated appearance.

£35 40 min.
Cavitation Peeling Facial

Cavitation peeling is a procedure that uses ultrasonic vibration of its action, so that the skin is cleansed of all impurities and dead cells. Facilitate the penetration of therapeutic substances to the preparations necessary to get rid of blackheads, blackheads and bacteria. Smooth the skin, moisturise it well, stimulate natural hydration and soften the skin.

£45 90 min.
Relaxing Facial

Our signature facial treatment will cleanse your skin and help soothe your body and mind.

£45 90 min.
Deep Cleansing Facial

A deep cleansing, non abrasive facial to de-stress that will leave your skin feeling purified, invigorated and smoothed. For all skin types (including extraction).

£55 90 min.

One of the most popular cosmetic skin care treatments available is diamond microdermabrasion, a procedure that is praised by women and men alike. No chemicals or anaesthesia are used in the procedure, which is known for being simple and pain-free. It's appropriate for most skin types because it is non-invasive and can effectively reduce or eliminate wrinkles, acne, age spots, stretch marks, and more.

£55 90 min.
Galvanic Facial Treatment

It is very successful and extremely popular as it has proven to show excellent results. It’s gives you a fresh look and plumps the skin, banishing wrinkles.

£55 90 min.
ageLOC Galvanic Spa Facial Gels

The Facial Gels feature ageLOC - a proprietary ingredient blend that targets ageing at its source. The result-skin that immediately feels refreshed, hydrated, and incredibly soft and clean. Galwanik Spa - delivers up to five times more ageLOC® ingredients to the skin.

40 min.
6 x 40 min.
Anti-Aging Therapy System®

This scientifically proven formula sweeps away the appearance of aging and sun damage without the recovery time required by aggressive clinical peels. Men and women who want to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve their skin tone and texture, and reverse the signs of sun damage.

£50 65 min.
Sensitive Skin Treatment

While sensitive skin can appear anywhere on the body, it is at its most obvious on the face. It occurs when skin’s natural barrier function is compromised, causing water loss and allowing penetration of irritants. Symptoms are exacerbated by factors that facial skin is most exposed to, from the sun to some ingredients in cosmetics and cleansers.

£50 60 min.
Acne and Open Pores Treatments

Through many years of trial and error - We have come up with effective treatments and skincare that really work to clear up acne and dramatically reduce acne scarring. Our proven methods of combining skincare treatments and work to clear up skin quickly and effectively.

£55 60 min.
Exclusive Facial with Face Massage £60 90 min.
Eyes Treatment - Radio Frequency (RF) & Infra Red (IR) Red Light

Radiofrequency machine uses specific wavelengths that can stimulate collagen production to its youthful level, leading to skin firming, tightening and rejuvenation (it can also burn away fat cells and cellulite without affecting other skin structures). Rejuvenate the spring within the skin, reducing wrinkles, nasolabial folds and improvement in skin thickness in general. Looking much younger without any trace of intervention done.

£20 30 min.
Pigmentation Treatment

Brown spots, liver spots, age spots, sun spots, sunburn freckles, lentigos, or senile/solar lentigines are associated with premature ageing and exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun. These marks range in colour from light brown to red or black and are located in areas most often exposed to the sun, particularly the hands, face, shoulders, arms, decolletes and forehead, and the head if bald. Most are harmless, but all are ageing and may be unattractive.

£50 30 min.
Aha Facial Peel

Chemical peelings are based on the application of specific solutions of chemical exfoliants (trichloroacetic acid, glycolic acid, salicylic, mandelic, etc.) on the skin based on the situation, in order to remove its dead cells and to provide renewal of the epidermis.

£50 65 min.
Tru Face® - RF & IR System

Anti-ageing treatment will helps you improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles and achieve firmer - that includes mostly silicone, thickeners, plant oils, and antioxidants.

£55 50 min.
Tru Face® AgeLOC Esence Ultra

Now you can change the way your skin ages and embrace a youthful looking skin. Defines skin around the eyes, neck, chin, and jawline. A revolutionary anti-ageing scientific technology, which targets the sources of the visible signs of ageing, such as the loss of skin firmness.

£55 60 min.
Needle Free Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is treatment designed to stimulate the mesoderm or middle layer of the skin. Developed in France in the 1950’s, naturopathic solutions are injected into the mesoderm to stimulate skin rejuvenation. With technology, we can infuse these natural solutions into the mesoderm without the needles.

£43 60 min.