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Wedding Dress Diet Plan - Creation Of Healthy Lifestyle

16 Weeks 100% Natural Weight Loss and Detox Programs.

Our Natural Weight Loss and Detox Programs is a 100% natural meal replacement plan. Teachs you conscious eating and adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Helps you lose weight and keep it off by cut down on calories with substituting meals for shakes or bars regain energy and help you understand how your body works.

The supplements are also sold alone and claim to BRING THE GAP when your normal diet does not provide the recommended 5 a day of fruits and vegetables.

The Plan is:

  • Detox for two weeks
  • Replace two meals a day for two weeks
  • Weight management supplements
  • Creation sport activity

Weight Loss Supplements

Our diet supplement capsules and chewable are the NEXT BEST THING TO FRUIT AND VEGETABLES and contain 26 varieties. The company claims they are formulated to give you all the phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals that your body needs for all day.

Food Supplements

NURITION IS KING according to the welcome pack and you start with a pretty drastic two week detox plan. You follow this for 2 weeks to:

  • Cleanse your fat store
  • Rid your body of toxins

We entered a typical day into the WDDP food diary to check the calories and nutritional breakdown:

  • Calories: 1000
  • Protein: 24%
  • Carbohydrate: 19%
  • Fat: 57%

So it is not a particularly healthy balance of nutrients - far too few carbs and far too much fat. The only positive thing is the amount of fruit and veg that it contains. The low calories are likely also to leave you very low on energy and are below what we would recommend.

Although the detox recipes appear to be interesting and varied, we found that some are pretty vague - e.g. chicken pizza with parsnips chips; it turns out this is chicken breast covered in tomato puree and peppers (although still no clue to the parsnips chips).

Snack suggestions on the whole are pretty sensible, (although I would not class green tea, herbal tea and mineral water as snacks).

Cheat Days:

When your 2 week detox is over, you eat your normal meals but replace 1 or 2 with a Myprotein Shake.

However, our program allows you to have BABY cheat days and DADDY cheat days after the initial 14 days detox, just in case you find the whole thing too restrictive.

Now I have a problem with this straight away.. Cheat is not a positive word and implies that your eating plan is rigid. The word itself implies that enjoying your meal is something that is forbidden, or against the rules; it has even been suggested that cheat days encourage overeating on those days as you try to make up for the preceding restrictive days.

The whole concept of cheat days is further complicated in the Wedding Dress Diet plan by breaking them down into Baby Cheat and Daddy Cheat days; so if you can not cope with a small CHEAT you can opt for a big CHEAT.

Then, our program go on to restrict the CHEAT; almost as though they have realized the error in their thinking and have attempted damage limitation. The cheat is time restricted, so for example, the baby cheat needs to be a snack that you can eat in 15 minutes; well I know people who can wolf down a whole meal in 15 minutes..

We also advise you to drink water and take a supplement capsule to limit THE DAMAGE of the cheat. In addition, you are advised to only eat healthy food, not count calories or worry about portion size.

Does Our Wedding Dress Diet Program Work?

If you can follow the diet you will lose weight as it is essentially very low in calories and the program teach you how to keep it up long enough to lose a significant amount of weight. The diet is very easy and you cen easly to fit it into real life.

This Program will help with long term weight control, since you really learn about how to eat healthily in a normal, sustainable and enjoyable way.

Some of our members have tried this programs and few them even use the supplements, shakes or bars alongside WDDP.

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