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Hair Sauna Treatment

Hair Sauna

Boost your hair with hair sauna

Dry hair and split ends?

We are thrilled to announce that you can now book a luxurious Hair Sauna Treatment at our salon. Like a facial for the hair and scalp, our treatment is invigorating and relaxing and help to ensure your strands are in optimum condition from root to tip. Involving a soothing head massage, they are the ultimate pampering experience for you or a loved one.

The Perfect Hair Sauna Treatment is an intensive, conditioning hair treatment that strengthens and revitalises all hair types to add bounce, shine and manageability. It is perfect for people wishing to repair dry, damaged hair, for those with scalp issues, such as dandruff and irritation, and for people who simply wish to get their hair in the best shape possible for the summer or for a special occasion.

Our Hair Sauna Treatment last approximately 45 minutes and involve the following:


Your hair and scalp will be examined to identify any issues so steps can be taken to treat and resolve them. During this informative process, you will learn everything from how to identify your specific hair texture so you can choose the correct products for your unique needs, to the importance of nutrition in maintaining optimal hair growth. It is an eye-opening session into the myths around haircare, and gives clear insight into our world-renowned holistic approach to hair and scalp health.


Your treatment, using pofessiona products, will be completely tailored to your hair type and scalp condition

  • A suitable Hair Mask will be applied
  • Hair and scalp will be placed under steam to increase the absorption and efficacy of the products
  • You will enjoy a deeply relaxing head designed to exfoliate and relieve tight and tired scalps
  • Shampoo and condition - products will be chosen to suit your hair texture and any concerns
  • Styling and pared-down, healthy blow-dry

After your treatment, you will see instant results in the look and feel of your hair, such as increased shine, manageability and softness.


To ensure you can continue to care for your hair at home, you wll be given a detailed plan outlining the ideal hair and scalp regime for your specific needs. You will also be provided with full aftercare advice, such as how to wash your hair properly, how to protect your hair against the elements of sun, chlorinated and salt water, what to avoid when styling and how best to blow dry your hair. All information is designed to help you keep your hair and scalp in optimum condition.

  • Our Hair Sauna Treatments also provide the ideal forum to start a conversation about hair and scalp concerns if someone is unsure of whether they need to see a Trichologist.
  • Take the first step to healthy, beautiful hair and book your treatment now.

Blowdry and style as per usual and enjoy your new, soft and shiny hair.

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