Hair Care - Price List

Regeneration Hair Treatments Description Price
Argan Oil Mask Nourishes & restores elasticity £5
Macadamia Oil Mask Treatment Deep repair mask treatment £5
Matrix Colour Bloom Mask® Head Treatment £5
Renu Hair Mask® Deep conditioning treatment £8
Intensive Regeneration Selective Shampoo, Mask, Serum & Hair Steem £14
Olaplex Hair Repair Treatment (Damaged and dry hair) £35
Hair Fitness Galvanic SPA® Treatment £45

* The prices are indicative, subject to change slightly depending on the product used.

Hair Extentions and Thickening Price
Dreadlocks and Braids POR

* Dredlocks & Braids are stylish, original hairstyle, adding charm and femininity for months.

Hair Extension, 100% Remy Human Hair from £195

* We offer three methods of hair extension and thickening: Keratyna, Microrings, Tubes
As everyone's hair requirements are different, you will be given a free consultation to determine the best option for you, choice of hair colour, texture, pricing and method of extension. 100% Remy Human Hair.